🏁Compile & Share the App

How can I share a Community App?

Once you're happy with your app and ready to share it, go to Droptop settings >> Community apps >> Share creation and select your app. An installer for your app will be generated and after a few seconds, the containing folder will open on your screen.

Before you do this, it's recommend making sure your Variables.inc and VariablesDefault.inc files contain the same variables, with VariablesDefault.inc having the default values for each variable.

Go to the Droptop Discord Server (https://discord.gg/droptop-four-800124057923485728) and in any chat box type /community_app new_release and press enter. The Discord Bot will prompt you to drag the app install file into the box, then press Enter. A window will appear after a few seconds. Enter a short description for your app, your Github links if you have them, and continue.

Your app will then be uploaded to our Github, posted to the Droptop website, and a new thread for your app will be created in the #🆕╏app-releases channel on Discord.

Releasing an update for your app

If you added more content to your app, or fixed a bug. Just use the /community_app new_release Discord Bot command again and follow the same steps as above with the new install file for your app. The new install file will then replace your previous entry. Only the original author (You), an Administrators of the Droptop Server or any user you authorize to manage your app (using the /community_app edit command) can remove or make changes to your app.

Letting other people know you've updated your app

This is done automatically! When you update your app via the Discord Bot command, it'll automatically timestamp that update. The update notification gets pushed to all Droptop users connected to the internet. A green dot will then appear next to your app's icon in the Top Bar, and when right-clicked, an option will be available to download your app's latest update.

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