Folder settings

Per folder settings

For every droptop folder you can customize it's appereances and more! You can find the folder settings by right clicking on any folder on the bar or by going to Droptop settings >> My folders.

Change the name

You can change the folder name by clicking Rename. You can also use the given emojis or any unicode emoji to rename the folder.

Changing the name of the droptop folder won't change the name of the real explorer folder.

You can also change the color of the folder highlighting on the droptop bar selecting one of the colors on the bottom part of the settings.

Change folder location

You can change the location of the folder you want to access in the droptop folder, navigate to the folder you want to set, and click Select this folder on the bottom of the dialog. The new contents of the new folder will appear after a droptop refresh.

Folder sorting

You can change the sorting used to show the contents inside of your droptop folder, as if the order has to be ascending or not.

Showing items

You can chose what type of files to show in the droptop folder between

  • files

  • folders

  • system files

  • hidden items

You can also chose if to show the extension of the file or not.

Show folder

The last item of the settings is the toggle to show the folder or not. If you want to disable the folder and not show it on the droptop bar, click the toggle.

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