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I paid for the Supporter Version, but lost it.

Problem: Need to restore Supporter Version purchase.

Check your email for the download link

  1. Go to your email provider (Gmail, Outlook, etc.)

  2. Search your inbox for "Droptop" or "Gumroad", and see if you have a download link

    • If you have only an invoice of the payment, send it to an administrator of the discord server and you'll be added to a channel where you'll find the supporter version

Note: Droptop's core (basic version) needs to be installed prior to applying the "Supporter Version" upgrade

I can't install the update

Problem: Receiving an error when installing the update

Close any programs that may be accessing any files inside Droptop, and try the installer again. If this doesn't solve the problem, simply log off of your Windows account, log back in, and try the installer again.

I want to change the name of an application in the bar

Problem: An application I'm using isn't the name I want displayed on the bar

Create your own substitution

To rename a program name in Droptop, open that program. It's name will appear in the top-left corner of the Droptop bar. Click on it, go to More Options >> Change app name. Use the text box to set a new name, press enter when finished, and select "Set new name" to finish.

Droptop is running slowly

Problem: Droptop is slow

Solution: Try...

Enable Hardware Acceleration

  1. Right-click on the Rainmeter icon in the Windows system tray (it's rain drop shaped)

  2. Select "Manage"

  3. Select the "Settings" tab

  4. Check box "Use hardware acceleration (Requires restart)"

  5. Right click on an empty portion of the Droptop bar. Select More options >> Restart Rainmeter.

Some PCs may have issues with hardware acceleration turned on, including slower performance and graphical glitches. If these occur, disable hardware acceleration

How do I optimize Droptop for good battery life?

Although Droptop uses very few resources when sitting idle in the background, you may want to optimize Droptop for extended laptop battery life. Here are some solutions:

Problem: I need to maximize my battery life

Disable unused system tray apps

  1. Right-click on a system tray app in the top-right corner

  2. De-select any apps you don't frequently use. Apps can be re-enabled later at any time.

My Music & videos aren't showing up in the Volume app or on the top bar

Problem: Not displaying song title & artist in the Volume app

Install the latest version of WNPRedux for your players

Spotify doesn't need anymore Spicetify to work with Rainmeter, as long you have installed a version of the WNP plugin > 2.0.0

For further informations about supported players and websites visit https://github.com/keifufu/WebNowPlaying-Redux#readme

My weather, browser media, or email aren't updating

Problem: The webparser or plugins aren't retrieving data

Exit and re-open Rainmeter

  1. Go to the Droptop "Home" button in the top-left corner >> select Restart Rainmeter >> Restart Rainmeter now

Gmail isn't working

Problem: Unread email isn't appearing in the Gmail app

Using 2-Step Verification? Create an app password for use with Rainmeter & Droptop

  1. In Security settings of your Gmail account, navigate to "App passwords"

  2. Under the "App" dropdown menu, select "Other"

  3. Type "Droptop" and press enter

  4. Google will generate a password for you. Copy the password

  5. In Droptop settings >> Options >> Apps >> Mail menu, paste the password into the password field and press enter

My game detects a violation

Problem: My game doesn't start cause it detects a security violation

Use Rainmeter Gamemode

Take a look at the documentation for the Rainmeter Gamemode, and configure it the way you like

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