Customize Droptop Four with Apps

In the right side of the bar, droptop can have a lot of apps that might be useful, especially if they are reachable so easily.

Default apps

Droptop comes with some basic apps preinstalled:


A simple alarm

App Drawer

Shows the windows app drawer

Battery & Backlight

Shows infos about the battery and lets you change the brightness of your monitor

Desktop Navigator

Let's you move between virtual desktops


Shows the content in the downloads folder


Connects to your Gmail inbox


Opens a tool that interfaces with the windows paperclip

Recent Files

Shows your recent files


Shows time and calendar


Shows infos and lets you change medias


Shows weather informations about your location

WiFi & Bluetooth

Shows network and connectivity infos

Community apps

Everyone in the droptop community can also create their personalized apps, and share them with all of the people that might be interested.

The list of all the community apps is on the website:

You can also install community apps using the Droptop Store app that is already installed in your Droptop: just enable it and search and download what you need!

Create your community app

If you want to create a personalized community theme that isn't already made, head to Introduction to learn more.

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