Parts of your app

There are a few key components of any app

The main config

The main portion of your app is the first dropdown to appear when your app is clicked on. CustomApp.ini and handle this portion of the app.

In the main section of your app's folder you will also find the Icons folder. Inside you will find 1Icon.png to 10Icon.png representing items 1 through 10 in CustomApp.ini respectively. You can edit these files with a program such as GIMP to create your own icons, or use existing icons from the web.

Note: All icons should be white (255,255,255 or FFFFFF) in color and be 32x32 sized .png images.

Inside your app's folder is a folder aptly titled "Folder". Inside you will have Folder1.ini to Folder10.ini. Folder1.ini will be accessible when ItemIsFolder1 in CustomApp.ini is equal to 1. Folder2.ini will be accessible when ItemIsFolder2 in CustomApp.ini is equal to 1. etc.

Each submenu contains its own #NumberOfItems# and #NumberOfDividers# variables, similar to CustomApp.ini. Submenu items cannot be folders, only clickable items that perform some action, or display some information.

All 10 submenus share any meters or measures that are contained within

Icons for each submenu are located in the Folder\Icons\ folder, with each numbered folder representing each Folder1.ini to Folder10.ini submenu respectively. Inside each Icons folder are 1Icon.png to 10Icon.png, representing the icon for each item in that specific submenu.

Note: All icons should be white (255,255,255 or FFFFFF) in color and be 32x32 sized .png images.


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Background Processes

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Settings menu

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