🏁Compile & Share the Theme

When you finished setting up your theme, you have to click Save & share.

The process will now be different if you have to create a new theme or you have to update an existing one:

If you are creating a new theme, click on the New theme button, choose the name of the theme and insert the name of the creator (you). Then put an image of the theme to show other users how the final result will be after installing your theme. Then click on the Generate theme button and wait for the compiling to end.

When finished, an .rmskin file will be generated. Go to the Droptop Discord server and type the command /community_theme new_release in any chat box. Drag & drop the .rmskin file to the box that appears in the chat, or click the box to select a .rmskin file from Windows Explorer. Press enter to submit.

Your app will then be uploaded to our Github, posted to the Droptop website, and a new thread for your app will be created in the #πŸ†•β•theme-releases channel on Discord.

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