How to create a Community App

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What is a Community App?

Users of Droptop can install Community Apps, small applications made by other Droptop users that enable some additional feature, shortcut, websites, information monitoring, or other functionality. These can be tailor made just for your own use, or made to share with other users.

What can a Community App do?

A Community App can do anything that is possible with Rainmeter, including but not limited to, launching an application or URL, conveying system information such as hard drive space, network speed, parse and display data from the internet including weather information, server status, or even display a webpage, etc. Currently Droptop has Community Apps that can display your VPN status and IP location, music playback controls, play YouTube videos, your online music library, display the top stories on a news site, or launch games on your PC with cover art images.

What can't a Community App do?

Community Apps cannot be used to execute commands on a user's PC that require administrator privileges, such as modify or remove system files. Community Apps are not meant to be complicated, and are most useful when they are designed to serve a very simple purpose.

How are Community Apps installed?

Go to https://droptopfour.com/community-apps and browse from a list of available Community Apps other users have already created. All you need to do is download & install the app. When a new app is installed, a menu will appear asking which of Droptop's ten available Community App slots the app should go in. The Community App will appear automatically in the bar and immediately ready to use.

When a Community App is installed but is already active in the bar, it is treated as an Update. Users will instead see a menu with an option to update the app, preserving their user settings from the previous installation, or to reset all settings to their default values (Reinstall from scratch).

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