Start making a new app

If you don't know what editor to use, take a look at the Rainmeter editor page.

Create a new app

You can create 2 types of community apps: The Droptop App option is recommended if you intend for your app to read local files on the PC, control your PC's settings, open a file/folder, or display any system information, like volume control or CPU usage. A WebView App is recommended for displaying content from the web.

A Droptop app is for creating an app using Rainmeter code, and can either be a simple button in the bar that launches a shortcut, or expands into a dropdown menu with various options when clicked.

  1. Start off by going Droptop settings >> Community apps >> Create new app

  2. A window will open. Select Droptop App

  3. Choose a name for your app and the author's name, pressing Enter to confirm your entry

  4. Select Choose an icon for your app. Select a .png image of your choice, preferably 32x32 pixels. This icon is what will appear in the bar. You can find icons for your app at, or you can make your own.

  5. There are two options available to create your Droptop App, select an option based on the type of app you want to make:

    • App has a dropdown menu: clicking on the button on droptop, the app will open a dropdown menu.

    • App is just a button: clicking on the button no droptop, the app will perform an action.

  6. Use the option Use full color icon if you want the icon in the bar to always be the same color as the image uploaded - Otherwise, the color of the icon will follow the user's current theme and color settings.

  7. Select Generate app when ready.

Editing your new app

  1. Your new app will now appear in the bar. If you selected WebView app or Droptop app with App has a dropdown menu enabled, clicking on the app icon will open your app.

  2. Right-click twice (Double right-click) anywhere inside of your app to open a quick navigation menu. Here you can access the essential files and folders that make-up your app. Select Edit skin (Custom app.ini)

  3. The code for your app's main dropdown menu will appear.

  4. If you're making a WebView app, go to the Variables\ file in your app folder to change the website(s), with WebViewURL1= being the default website.

  5. See the Variables section.

Understanding the basics

If you haven't already, refer to the Rainmeter Documentation ( to familiarize yourself with concepts such as Bangs, Sections, Variables, and other essential parts of how Rainmeter works.

If another Droptop Community App has a similar feature or special function that you would like to include in your app, you can edit that app and see exactly how it was implemented. Use that knowledge to learn and assist in adding that feature to your app.

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