Advanced options

Droptop Four advanced options

Enable Drag & Drop

Disabled in the latests droptop releases as was causing more harm than help.

Use .ahk instead of .exe

If you have AutoHotKey installed, and want to troubleshoot something in the ahk files, you can use this option to force droptop to use the not compiled ahk files instead of precompiled exes.

Toggle at Droptop settings >> Options >> Advanced >> Use .ahk instead of .exe.

Backlight compatibility mode

If the droptop brightness slider of your monitor doesn't work, you can see if enabling the Droptop settings >> Options >> Advanced >> Backlight compatibility mode can help.

Disable DPI scaling

If you have problems with scaling between droptop and other Rainmeter skins, try to toggle the Droptop settings >> Options >> Advanced >> Disable DPI scaling (Restart required) option.

Touchscreen mode

Droptop settings >> Options >> Advanced >> Touchscreen mode allows an easier navigation when using fingers as input instead of a mouse cursor.

Disable hover actions

Droptop settings >> Options >> Advanced >> Disable hover actions allows you disable action performed while hovering on droptop components, for example to disable the automatic opening of submenus when hovering the mouse on them.

Disable notifications

Droptop settings >> Options >> Advanced >> Disable notifications lets you disables all text notifications (Including song info) in the top bar.

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