Removing the default divider

By default when an app is created, a divider is placed between the third and fouth item in the main dropdown menu. First change the value of NumberOfDividers to 0.

Navigate to the section [Divider1] and remove the section entirely, or comment it out using ;

Navigate to [4] and [4Icon] and remove or comment out the Y= line. This will both both into their proper position below the third item.

Moving a divider

Let's move [Divider1] to a new position. Let's say we want the divider to go between the first and second item.

Navigate to the section [Divider1], cut the entire section and paste it between [1] and [2].

Cut and paste the Y= line under [4] and [4Icon] and paste it under [2] and [2Icon] respectively.

The divider should not appear between item 1 and 2.

Adding additional dividers

We've moved [Divider1] to its new position between [1] and [2]. Now let's put another divider between the fourth and fifth item.

Change the value of NumberOfDividers to 2.

Copy and paste the section [Divider1] and paste it between [4] and [5]. Rename the section to [Divider2]. Copy and paste the Y= lines under [2] and [2Icon] and paste them under [5] and [5Icon].

You now have a second divider. One between items 1 and 2, and another between items 4 and 5.

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